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If you look at the formula, you have to multiply the initial deposit to one and add it to the result of the division of interest rate and the number of compounding times. After getting one answer from this calculation, you need to multiply compounding times into the time of investment. Now you need to use this value as the power of the first solution. So, the working of a compound interest calculator is very simple. You just need to know the formula and there is no rocket science in evaluating the values after putting them into the formula. With a compound interest calculator, you can earn interest on your interest.

For this reason, lenders often like to present interest rates compounded monthly instead of annually. For example, a 6% mortgage interest rate amounts to a monthly 0.5% interest rate. However, after compounding monthly, interest totals 6.17% compounded annually. It is different for savings account, term deposits and other types of investments. For example, in a fixed deposit, an investor can choose different interest compounding frequencies such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

In this case, the number of periods when compounding occurs is infinite. Whether you choose monthly or yearly compounding, you will earn interest on your savings but the value will differ. You must go with the account that suits your savings the best.

How does a compound interest calculator India work?

Kindly contact or visit your nearest branch for exact details. Let’s look at an example of an investment of Rs 1,00,000 invested for 5 years earning an interest of 12% both in simple and compound interest. Simple interest is applicable for money borrowed for a fixed period of time. While compound interest is applicable whenever the interest is up for payment it will be added back to the principal amount.

This is what a compound interest calculator daily can do with your money. All you need to do is to select a daily compounding period when you have deposited the amount. The interest rate will be set accordingly and your savings will be earning interest for you every single day. The interest that you have earned on your savings is added to your accumulated deposit and your savings get increased day by day.

Yearly Summary

For various instruments, it can be https://1investing.in/, quarterly, half-yearly or annually depending on what one opts for. To compare bank offers that have different compounding periods, we need to calculate the Annual Percentage Yield, also called Effective Annual Rate . This value tells us how much profit we will earn within a year. The most comfortable way to figure it out is using the APY calculator, which estimates the EAR from the interest rate and compounding frequency.

  • Daily compound interest is calculated using a simplified version of the formula for compound interest.
  • You can choose the compounding time and can increase your savings by earning interest on them.
  • But in compounding the interest payment comes down as the principal is being repaid.
  • The more time it is counted the more interest gets generated.
  • You can choose a compounding period according to your savings account.

So, any amount can be selected along with the tenure and interest rate. Suppose you make an investment of Rs.50,000 in a fixed deposit for 5 years at 10%, the interest earned for the first year will be Rs.5000. The calculation performed by calculator is based on the information you provided and is for illustrative purposes only. This calculation reflects amounts in Indian Rupee and estimated monthly payments do not include any processing or other possible fees. All loan figures are subject to credit approval from the bank.

Compounding Intervals

Also, to take advantage of compounding, one has to increase the frequency of loan payments. This way, they can pay lesser interest than what they are liable to pay. Compounding is when you earn interest on your investment over a period of time, due to which you witness a growth on your earnings. Power of compounding enables your earnings to grow as your investments grow.


There are a number of investment opportunities today where you can benefit from plans that compound interest at regular intervals. The interest you earn every 6 months is added to your savings, and for the next six month, you can earn interest on the new amount. But this is hardly enough to help you achieve your financial goals. When it comes to investing, it’s always a good idea to choose an investment avenue that allows you to enjoy compounded interest. This is the most efficient way to maximise your returns and get the most out of your money. By understanding how compound interest works and acting on it by investing in the right set of investments, you can achieve high returns.

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This loop will continue allowing the investment to grow substantially without any additional investment capital. With time, this cycle has potential for a substantial growth of the original investment. Since the interest-on-interest effect can generate positive returns based on the initial principal amount, it has sometimes been referred to as the snowball effect of compound interest.

  • Contact your bank or financial institution through which you are making an investment.
  • You calculate the simple interest by multiplying the principal amount by the number of periods and the interest rate.
  • So, any amount can be selected along with the tenure and interest rate.

The daily reinvest rate is the percentage figure that you wish to keep in the investment for future days of compounding. As an example, you may wish to only reinvest 80% of the daily interest you’re receiving back into the investment and withdraw the other 20% in cash. Just wish I didn’t have to pay to see the steps, but it does show you graphs and the correct answer. I am in 11th standard and this is just amazing, it also can tell you the steps so you can learn it too, math is my weakest subject and whenever I need help this app never fails to provide! It doesn’t just let you cheat but it gives an explanation of the problem so you can learn what you did wrong or learn what you didn’t know. If you know you suck at math or you just wanna confirm your answers, this app is the best way to go.

The simple interest calculator has a formula box, where you enter the principal amount, annual rate, and period in days, months, or years. The calculator will display interest on the loan or the investment. Use a calculator to know how much compound interest you will earn out of your investment, like a Fixed Deposit for example, if you are planning to apply for a term deposit. A compound interest calculator is a tool through which compound interest can be calculated online. Compound interest calculation can be done for different tenures and interest payout frequencies such as daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Understand the power of compound interest and see how it will help grow your investment by using an online compound interest calculator.

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What is Compound Interest on a Loan?.

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Let’s say that you are having some saved amount in your compound interest calculator india or wherever you store your money. You might have only heard about saving money, but you can increase your saved money without investing it. The compound interest is calculated based on accumulated interest that you have earned in your previous deposit periods. Click on calculate and you will know the amount you earned by your investment. The compound interest formula is an equation that lets you estimate how much you will earn with your savings account. It’s quite complex because it takes into consideration not only the annual interest rate and the number of years but also the number of times the interest is compounded per year.


For example, let’s say that you are having two options such as a savings account with a 6 percent interest rate with an annual compounding process. The formula of the compound interest calculator UK calculates values on limited numbers. Whereas, when you see a continuous compound interest calculator, it assumes infinite values.